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"Sophisticated shoppers stop at Motes Orchids..." -Susan Orlean, The Orchid Thief

Motes Orchids is one of the most renowned orchid nurseries in the world.
— The Boston Globe

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Bespoke Orchids

WELCOME to Motes Orchids. Over the past fifty years, Motes Orchids has earned its reputation as the best breeder and grower of vandas. 

We offer our own unique seedlings as well as the best of foreign growers. We identify the plants we import because we believe it is important to give credit where it is due instead of passing off others' work as our own. We are proudest of our hybrids. A seedling is a unique plant that no one else can own unless it is cloned. 

The Best Vandas in the World

Motes Orchids also offers select legacy blooming size plants and other rarities. From time to time, we will be able to offer ultra-rare and precious divisions of highly awarded and coveted plants. 

We are also offer vandaceous orchids grown by some of the best foreign growers personally selected by Dr. Motes based on his over fifty years of growing orchids.